die Hackenschmiede

This small, charming oasis of comfort and relaxation was passed on to the next generation - to us - by Wilma and Wolfgang Rest, and we are immensely proud to continue this establishment, preserving what makes it so unique and special.

That said, let's take a closer look at this small, enchanting place.

Our motto says

Step inside,
feel right at home

Do you know that sensation when you arrive at a place and immediately feel 'right at home'? Well, that's exactly the feeling we want you to experience with us.

Amidst the beautiful and unique landscape of the Lungau mountain world, just a few minutes' walk from the historic market town of Mauterndorf, you'll find our ****RESIDENZ, and nearby, barely 100 meters away, nestled between meadow and stream, our cozy ***FERIENHAUS. The modern and luxurious apartments provide the perfect starting point for your feel-good vacation. 

Numerous excursion and hiking destinations, regardless of the season, are waiting to be discovered, including mountains, lakes, ski slopes and bike tours.


Swimming Pond

Private Tennis Court

One question still needs to be answered.

Why the

The ***FERIENHAUS is located just above the old Hackenschmiede. A blacksmith's workshop that has been in the Rest family for generations and was still actively operated until the year 2000. 

The Residenz was once an old barn building, where many things were stored for the blacksmith after the active period of the farm. This barn building became the life’s project of Wilma and Wolfgang, and in 2008, they transformed it into stylish and modern apartments. 

But enough of the chat!

Feel free to explore our small, charming world at the Hackenschmiede and immerse yourself in the magic of this special place. We would be delighted to welcome you to Mauterndorf someday soon.

Thomas & Julia with Maximilian and Moritz